Our History

There had been  a few christian student movements in the western world since the ninteen century that had transformed the lives of hundreds of young people, many of whom later became renowned missionaries like C.T. Studd, Jim Ellliot etc.. In India too, there had been quite a few student ministries like UESI, India Campus Crusade, Student Christian Movement etc., which have impacted quite a large number of students. Looking at the huge student population which run in to 350 million in India alone, a handful of students movemnts are too inadequate to cater to their moral and spiritual needs. The Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF)has hence the burden and a vision which has since been translated in to mission mode to reach out to the unreached millions of students across the globe.  ICPF is distinct from similar organisations in the sense that it professes Full Gospel of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It has its own niche among the student population and is open and willing to cooperate with organisations of similar vision and faith so as, even the last student could be reached with Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The founder and visionary of ICPF is Prof. Mathew P. Thomas, who began a small prayer group for students at his home in 1972, close to ThiruvallaMarthoma College, where he served as Professor of Chemistry. As a sequel to that, the first retreat for students of Kerala University was organised in the name “Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship” by him on 8 November 1972 at the Marthoma College Thiruvalla. This in fact paved way for organising annual student’scamp at Charalkunnu in Kerala from 1973 to 1979 during Puja holidays. In the camp of 1980, the then seniors under the leadership of Prof. Mathew P. Thomas resolved to constituent the student movement as an organisation and officially adopted the name “Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship”. Dr. K. Muralidar (Senior Medical Doctor at Benzigar Hospital, Kollam) was selected as the President, Pr. (Late) K. C. Alexander (Retd. Chief Engineer, Kerala PWD) as the Vice-President and Prof. K. K. Joseph as the General Secretary. It is a matter of great joy that Prof. Mathew P. Thomas still continues as the visionary and chief advisor while Dr. K. Muralidar continues to be the President of ICPF. Many great men of God like Prof. (Late) V.V. Achenkunju, Dr.IdicheriaNinan, Pr. Jacob Mathew, Dr. James George, Dr. J. Varghese, Dr.Sini Joys Mathew and Dr. C.T. Luiskutty were the previous General Secretaries. The current General Secretary is Dr. James George and the Treasurer is Bro. K.I. Mathew. The incumbent Vice Presidents are Dr. D. Joshua, Dr. C.T. Luiskutty and Prof. T.M. George. Office administration is headed by Bro. Prakash Mathew. The Staff Secretary of ICPF currently is Bro. AjiMarkose, and the Promotional Secretary is Bro. Biju Jacob. The various States/Regionsare headed by Bro. Oommen P. Clementson (Mission Secretary, Kerala and Regional Staff, South Kerala), Bro. Jose Mathew (Regional Staff, North Kerala), Bro. Ron Paul Chandran (Tamil Nadu), Bro. Bobu N.D, (Karnataka), Bro. Franklin Francis (Andhra &Telangana), Bro. Biju Jacob (Central Region), Bro. Joseph Joy (Eastern Region), Bro. Moncy T (North West Region) and Babu James (Northern Region). The Current Staff strength of ICPF is 78 in India including Angelos and 20 staff abroad. ICPF has Mission stations currently in 18 States of India and 19 countries abroad. Pioneering work in South East Asia is done with Cambodia as the base station, which is manned by Bro.Reacher Williams.

The Head Quarters of ICPF is located at the Mount Olive Centre, Muttumon, Kumbanad in Kerala State of India.