Few days ago, I was just brushing my old memories, and found this interesting to share with you all.

After completing my secondary education, I was trying an admission for higher secondary education. At that time, my father was pastoring in Mavelikara. That used to be a time, when I hated mathematics and biology, but physics was my favorite subject. So, to get an admission, I needed to study either mathematics or biology. So, I chose the option computer science and mathematics. When I went for the application in St. Mary’s School, Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara, I was alone. With my mark-list I entered the Manager’s room. He gave me a seat and asked for my mark-list. I gave him the same. He just went through the marks and drew a big red circle around my mathematics mark. I had got just passing marks in mathematics. He asked about my plan in life. While I was answering the same, he noticed my name. He asked me: “Hey Boy, what’s your name?”

Me: “Sir, Zeno Ben Sunny.”

Then I spelled the same. Immediately, he took a sheet of paper and wrote my name on it. Then he started teasing me. “Hey, it would have been better if you replace the ‘N’ with ‘R’ of Zeno.” He wrote it on the same paper and made me read it. He said ZERO...ZERO...For many times, and it hurted me so much that I was about to cry. 

Just imagine the scenario with no one to support me, I felt like a sheep alone before a lion. And it became really hard for me to be in front of him anymore. Just then, one of the board members of the school came in. The manager called him and said: “Sir, look here, his name is Zeno, I told him to replace the ’N’ with ‘R’.” and they both burst into laughter. My mind was filled with anger and sadness. 

Somehow I managed to come out of the situation. But, the manager promised me to give an admission in the school. But, as I was hurt, I told my mom that I will never join that school in any way. But, because of the compulsion of my mom, I took admission in that school. 

God helped me to come out of that institution with flying colors-in the place where I was heartbroken, where I cried for help. There was none other than my God to support or care for me at that time.

Dear friend, when incidents like this happen, we often complain about the situation just like me and we might feel like we are lost. But, it is His perfect plan that we go through such situations. To make us face similar or worse situations. It might be difficult for us to trust in God in these situations, but dear friend, He knows us well and He cares for us much more than anyone else in this world. Trust Him and His promises. He will never leave us in troubles, He will carry us in His Palms.