Adam and Mike are studying in Canada. They work part-time to make their living and 

they also save some money to pay the college fees as well. Days went by and they both 

lost their jobs. It became really hard for them to survive and the deadline to pay the fees 

for the next semester was fast approaching. They both prayed and believed in God that 

they would get to pay the fees on time. But they were unable to pay the fee. They went to 

the student advisor to convey their situation. Adam was able to register for the course 

without paying even a single penny, but he had to sign a promissory note stating that he 

would pay the fee soon. But the situation for Mike was different. The advisor was not 

kind to him, and he sternly said that Mike could’t enroll for the semester without paying 

at least the minimum amount. It was a heartbreaking time in the life of Mike and he had 

to take a break from the semester.

Mike became really desperate. His friend Adam had the same situation, they both 

prayed; but God only helped Adam. After a while Mike understood why God had led him 

through such a situation. He had some family emergencies back in India and had to 

leave Canada for a short time. He thanked the LORD for not enrolling him in the course 

and he was able to be with his family when they were in critical need.

Sometimes, when situations are hard, it may be difficult for us to comprehend what God 

has on His mind. We may get desperate or sad wondering why things are not working 

out for us. We may murmur or question about the plans of the LORD as we are unable 

to see the end of the situation.

The miracles of the LORD are always unique and the way that He works for a similar 

situation may be different for different persons. The pain that is caused by the situation 

happens not because we are jealous about them but because of the questions that rise 

from within us, “Why can’t God do the same miracle in my life? Why can’t He bring the 

change just like He did it for the other person?”

Sometimes God allows delay in our lives to make us strong enough to believe that 

though we feel it’s late, it’s the perfect plan of GOD. When your life goes slow, when you 

are unable to graduate on time, when you are unable to get married like your friends, 

when you are unable to earn better for your family or when you are terminated from 

your job or when you have to be alone in life, don’t stress yourself. Each moment of your 

life is predestined and pre-planned by God and He knows how and when to make things 

happen right for you.

When things are delayed in your life, remember that you have a higher call. Abraham 

waited 25 years to receive his promised child. Hannah received her child, Samuel after 

waiting for long. David came to the throne after going through many trials and 

hardships. Every delay is His appointment to prepare us to be humble, faithful and 

fruitful for Him. And every delay brings forth what is precious out of us. Remember, a 

diamond is formed in darkness under heavy pressure. It has to wait a while to be 

precious before the world.

You are unique and God will do a miracle in your life in a way different than your 

brother. Don’t be depressed when you see the miracles happening in your brother’s life. 

Pray and thank God with your brother when God does miracles. With a humble and 

thankful heart, wait for your miracle.

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing 

that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its 

perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” 

-James 1:3-4 NKJV