Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Transgender movement, Transvestite, Intersex, Gender 

queer, Drag queens, Gay pride, LGBT [Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, transgender], Same Sex 

Partnerships and Marriages, Forces of intolerance, Freedom and Human rights. We are 

familiar with the above words and symbols. Recently Indian Supreme court legalizes 

gay sex. Courts in many countries legalized the same years back. We must respect court 

rulings. There are people who are rejoicing over freedom to enjoy sex with same sex 

partners or similar relationships. 

The institution of marriage presupposes that basic gender binary.

Genesis 3 records the fall of man. Paul gives us more details in Romans 1, citing the 

following causes.........


Darkened hearts

Sexual confusion

So all of this provides a theological and philosophical context for our response to 


[Author's note] Deuteronomy 22:5 is the only Scripture that directly impinges on TG 


A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your 

God detests anyone who does this.

God's command is grounded in protecting His design for human sexuality, (a principle 

whose application adjusts as dress norms change in any given culture), as a bulwark 

against anything that would reveal rebellion against His design or its holy and prophetic 


Dr. Anderson concludes.........

"Gender dysphoria is a genuine condition which is best understood as a psychological 

disorder or dysfunction (and perhaps also as a deeper spiritual disorder). It doesn't appear 

to have any simple cause and it isn't something that's chosen.

The different aspects of transgenderism call for different kinds of Christian responses.

We must distinguish a cultural response from a pastoral response. Both are necessary and 

they are obviously interrelated, but we mustn't allow one to drive the other.

On the one hand, if we let the culture wars define our pastoral response, then that response 

will fail to engage with people on a personal level and will lack compassion.

On the other hand, if we let our cultural response be defined by our pastoral experiences, 

we run the risk of being too passive and accommodating of what is a destructive movement 

(which will lead to more pastoral problems).

Since the biblical view is that there are only two sexes, male and female, and biological sex 

is the primary indicator of ontological sex, any treatment for gender dysphoria should 

proceed on the assumption that a person's biological sex (rather than their gender identity) 

defines whether they are truly male or female. Consequently, treatments should seek to 

bring a person's psychology in line with their physiology rather than the reverse.

The sexual revolution and the LGBT movement don't merely invite God's judgment--they 

are themselves a manifestation of God's judgment (Romans 1:18-32)."

 What are our responses to this problem? Why are we shy to discuss these genuine issues? Churches, 

missions and various ministries of churches must address these facts of life. Sunday schools must teach 

bible portions which addresses LGBT questions and clarifications. Bible collages must teach LGBT 

challenges in the ministry.

[Adapted and Printed with permission to make changes for the magazine readers. The 

Truth About the Transgender Movement, By Dr. David Kyle Foster as appeared in The 

Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism led by David W. Virtue DD]. 

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